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Sport for disabled people: the game that makes us equal

In the context of the sport for disabled people, often neglected by society and with insufficient resources, the Penya Barcelonista Sant Vicenç (PBSV) has led a pioneering inclusive project in collaboration with the Iris Foundation. The initiative, which began in 2022, focuses on football as a means to promote social inclusion and provide sporting opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities.

The lack of leisure options for people with disabilities has been more complex. This reality is more evident in the towns near Barcelona, ​​where the scarcity of resources becomes more palpable.

The PBSV, founded in 1978 in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, has taken an initiative in the sport for disabled people together with the Iris Foundation, a non-profit entity with more than 50 years of experience in serving people with intellectual disabilities through its school, occupational workshop and residence.

The project seeks not only to fill a gap in leisure time, but also to provide a solution to families with economic precariousness. Under the motto “I play too!”, the Genuino A, Genuino B and Genuino C teams, made up of more than 35 young people with various disabilities.

Also the teamsdistinctive poster is displayed in establishments and entities that financially sponsor the project.


sport for disabled people

PBSV football match Source: O.Lopez


The local community has responded positively to this initiative, recognizing the effort made to promote inclusion and equal opportunities through grassroots football.


Sports practice for people with disabilities stands as a fundamental pillar. It not only encourages socialization and teamwork, but also counteracts premature aging, promoting a longer and healthier life. Respect for norms and values ​​is consolidated in this environment, offering a space for comprehensive development. For families, it represents a necessary respite, allowing them to disconnect while athletes enjoy their time. Likewise, it strengthens self-esteem by dedicating themselves to themselves and receiving recognition for their performance.


Oriol López

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