The Protection of Minor Referees in Spanish Football continues

.In an effort to safeguard the integrity and safety of underage referees in Spanish grassroots football, an innovative system has been introduced: the identification bracelet. The main objective of this measure is to inform the public and players about the age of the referee, providing greater awareness and protection in the event of incidents.

VFF with the youngest referees

Vizcaya Football Federation show the initiative

In the firts place the initiative has been successfully adopted by the Vizcaya Football Federation earlier this year, marking a significant step towards the protection of young referees who play a crucial role in the development of the sport at local level. This bracelet not only serves as a visual badge, but also as a clear warning that any inappropriate act towards a minor will be severely punished.

However, attention is now focused on the Catalan Federation, which has not yet implemented this measure. Although their commitment to the safety and well-being of youth referees is not in question, their delay in joining this initiative raises questions about the reasons behind the delay and the urgency of its adoption.

It is expected that the Catalan Federation will soon join this important initiative in line with the general commitment of the Spanish football community. In conclurion protection and respect at all levels of the sport.

The introduction of the identification bracelet not only strengthens the safety of young referees, but also reinforces the values of equity and justice in grassroots football.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation has expressed its pride

In the continuous progress of its regional delegations in implementing measures that promote the safety and well-being of all participants in grassroots football. Recognizing the fundamental role that underage referees play in the development of the sport, the federation has praised the efforts of regional federations. This development demonstrates the collective commitment of the Spanish football community to the protection of its young referees. Reflects the values of integrity and responsibility that are fundamental to the sport.

Josep Carreras Escudero

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