Sunglasses Rayban Aviator: the perfect option to see the real world

At first, can you imagine receiving a commission from the Air Force of the United States Army? Or even more, do you imagine that, thanks to you, planes could fly higher? That was the role of RayBan, people trusted our sunglasses since the 1930s and continue to do so today. Since time immemorial, the Ray-Ban Aviator, are one of the most famous sunglasses in the world, were originally designed in 1937 for the aviators of the United States. In fact, they are a timeless model that combines an attractive aviator style with exceptional quality, comfort and benefits.

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Tom Cruise with Rayban Aviator/ SOURCE: RayBan


Aviator’s sunglasses new version

RayBan is going to re-launch, in a new version, this most famous product: the RayBan Aviator, but now in a new style. The brand was the only one born designed for one use, and ended up being in all models, sizes, shapes and for all audiences. Besides, the name means “lightning barrier,”and they are still strengthening this wall. To face today’s life you need to see clearly, and that is RayBan’s mission.

Apart from that, with the new version of these emblematic glasses you can continue to enjoy seeing the world with an excellent quality and dimension, but also through vivid and current colors. The color of the frame will be in different phosphorite colors and will continue to have adjustable nasal pads. Furthermore, the new version of the glasses with more daring colors wants to position itself on the market as “the most current classic glasses”, playing with the opposite terms of “classic” and “current”. Classic has never been so modern, and only RayBan can make this idea come true and transform “the whole of life” into “the trend”. 

To sum up, with this new model, pilots will continue to take off their planes with Rayban, and you will take off the view from the ground to look up and see the world around you with excellent quality, while looking stylish and trendy.


Marta Masip Gibert

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