Camera world has changed with the Osmo Pocket 3

This past christmas, the chinese company, DJI, caught the world off guard with its new revolutionary product, the Osmo pocket 3. This tiny vlogging camera that has surprising quality specs for its tiny dimensions. The new version of the Osmo line, like its predecessors, the osmo pocket 2 and the osmo pocket, has a mechanical stabilizer. This feature allows the camera to take stabilized videos even in the most dynamic camera movements. The most significant difference between the osmo pocket 3 and the older versions of this camera, is the new 2 inch rotating screen, that allows the user to clearly see what he is recording. 

Also, this camera specs are also very impresive quality wise. The Osmo Pocket 3 can record both 4K recording quality and 3K if you are recording vertical footage. Also, it can record in different color profiles, including D-Log M, that allows the user to have more dynamic range to edit in post production. To conclude, the camera includes amazing modes like slow motion that records 4K at 120 fps, time lapse, motion lapse and even night mode to record at night. 

Osmo pocket 3 camera being used with the tripod and the extension of the creator combo to record steady footage

The Osmo pocket 3 used with the creator combo tripod and extension.
Source: DJI

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Thanks to the 1 inch sensor in the Osmo Pocket 3, the videos that come out of the camera are clearer and crispier than ever before and also this sensor is a substantial upgrade from the last Osmo Pocket 2, and we can clearly see how it affects the video outcome quality wise. 


@rosriogram The magic with dji osmo pocket 3 😍 @DJI Official @DJI Osmo #dji #tutorial #rome ♬ Time LIVE by Hans Zimmer – Hans Zimmer


Amazing usability and and upgrades for the experts

the Osmo pocket 3 is a user-friendly camera, and casual users can enjoy its usability but also its quality video and versatility. For those who are looking for a more professional setup within this product, DJI also offers the creator combo.  This package includes a mic, a tripod, a portable battery extension, a wide lens and a bag to carry these accessories. This setup allows you to create videos with professional sounding audio and professional looking video while still having at your disposal a portable factor.

Quique Silva Masllorens

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