Ilia Topuria conquers glory: New UFC Featherweight Champion

In a night full of emotions and adrenaline, Ilia Topuria, the Georgian-Spanish fighter, has emerged as the new UFC featherweight champion. With a dominant performance and impeccable technique, Topuria left Honda Center fans speechless by defeating Volkanovski in an epic battle in the octagon which lasted only two rounds.


The fight

The showdown took place in Anaheim, California, on february 18 during one of the most anticipated events of the year. Topuria displayed his skill and determination from the first bell. With precise movements and a well-executed strategy, the Georgian fighter kept his rival at bay, showing why he deserved the title.

From the first round, Topuria showed his controlled aggression, putting pressure on his opponent and looking for opportunities to land forceful blows. His stamina and mental strength were tested when his opponent attempted to counterattack, but Topuria remained steadfast in his goal of victory.

Ilia Topuria celebrating his victory

Ilia Topuria celebrating his victory. Source: Google

Then, in the second round, the intensity of the fight increased, and the audience could not take their eyes off the action taking place in the octagon. Finally, the decisive moment arrived: Ilia Topuria deployed a spectacular combination that left her opponent with no options. A brutal KO ensured his victory and his ascension to the UFC throne.

Finally, Ilia Topuria’s coronation as featherweight champion marks a milestone in his career and cements his position as one of the biggest names in the world of mixed martial arts. His dedication, discipline and talent have been rewarded with the most coveted title in the UFC featherweight division, and without a doubt, his reign promises emotions and memorable fights for fans of this sport. Without no doubt, he still has many fights to win.


Lluís Martínez Llasera

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