The Comedy Clubhouse show on a Friday night

Whether a student or a tourist, you must know that the city of Barcelona hides many secret treasures. One of those many treasures may be even closer than you think: The Comedy Clubhouse.

As cited on their Eventbrite page, they are the “first and only” dedicated comedy club in Barcelona, hosting various activities, such as improvised comedy shows, broad open mics, game shows, and many more.

Additionally, there are shows dedicated to each day of the week, each with a different theme and a team of comedians. Not only do they have shows in English, but they also host shows in various languages, such as Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, and so on.

How it came to be

Firstly, the club was created not that long ago, in the March of 2021, while people were still enduring the consequences of the pandemic of Covid-19.

Secondly, Dr Matthew Murtha and John Allis are the founders of the place, having seen a huge opportunity in renting out a bar without having had any prior experience in running a business. And in a short amount of time, the outgrew this initial space and moved to a bigger one in 2022.

Dr Matthew Murtha and John Allis, the founders of the Comedy Clubhouse, standing in a bar.

Dr Matthew Murtha and John Allis, the founders of the Comedy Clubhouse. Source: Google

Certainly, the enthusiasm was not misplaced. Their website cites the following: “Since opening at Canvis Nous in January 2022, they have built a bar, a bathroom, a radio studio/podcasting space, a piss pond, a community garden & a bodega… and we’re just getting started!”

What to look forward to in the Comedy Clubhouse

The show that was attended upon writing this article is from the third of November, the Friday night show. It is also called “Comedy Bomb Shelter”.

I got the opportunity to chat with one of the founders, Matthew, who had a truly humorous spirit and a special cadence that only a people-person could have. Moreover, all of the employees and comedians that I have encountered have not only been helpful, but immensely enthusiastic in helping out with the creation of this article.

Furthermore, I got the amazing opportunity to speak to each of them, and even interview one of the stars of the show who certainly won the crowd over to his side: Hector. Check out the video below if you would like to see what the inside looks like.

If you are not convinced, Google reviews are always an option for anyone. For example, the user by the name of Giedrius Chmylnikovas says, “Great atmosphere even before the show and the show is amazing. Even though we went to open mic event, still all the comedians were funny and host had superb crowd work. This place will brighten your whole Barcelona experience!”

Additionally, user Mara I. A. also has only words of praise for the show: “I really enjoy the Midweek Crisis comedy open mic that they have on Wednesdays. The hosts, Mariah and Mila, are great at keeping the energy level high and the selection of comedians is always varied. Comedic therapy at its finest.”

So, are you in town, looking for a good time? Then be sure not to miss it!


Alexandra Claudia Melceoiu

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