Exhibition about Artificial Intelligence at the CCCB


In a symphony of circuits and creativity, the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) becomes the epicenter of innovation with its new exhibition about Artificial Intelligence (AI). The exposition offers a fascinating immersion into the advances and challenges surrounding this disruptive technology. In addition, seeks not only to inform but also to inspire critical reflection on the growing presence of AI in our society.

From deep learning algorithms to applications in art and autonomous decision-making, the exhibition covers a full spectrum of AI. Visitors are guided through interactive installations that unravel the mysteries behind intelligent programming, providing an educational and visually stunning experience.

A highlight is the display of how Artificial Intelligence can emulate human creativity in the artistic realm. Algorithm-generated works challenge traditional notions of authorship, inviting the audience to contemplate the intersection between artificial intelligence and artistic expression.

Exploring the AI landscape

Artificial Intelligence has become fully integrated into our lives and is present daily in the media, yet our understanding of it is still limited.

Within the intense public debate, the CCCB exhibition about artificial intelligence is fundamental to understanding the varied role AI plays in today’s society. Through an intricate design, visitors are led along different themes that summarize the history of AI. The Artificial Intelligence exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges presented by AI. From its constant presence in everyday life to its crucial role in scientific and biomedical research.

Experience full immersion with first-person expert accounts, a fascinating timeline highlighting important technological advances, and installations that invite you to reflect beyond common artistic boundaries.

A man who has an experience in the exhibition about the Artificial Intelligence.

An experience in the exhibition about the Artificial Intelligence. / Source: Universal Everything

Beyond the superficial fascination, the exhibition also addresses the ethical complexities of AI. From simulated ethical dilemmas to debates about privacy, fairness, and responsibility in the development of this technology. Visitors are invited to critically consider society’s role in the implementation and regulation of this emerging technology.

The exhibition about Artificial Intelligence at the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB) is not simply a showcase of AI capabilities, but a forum for deep understanding and dialogue. As Artificial Intelligence becomes more integrated into our lives, this exhibition stands as a beacon that illuminates not only its promises. But also its challenges, urging the audience to actively participate in the conversation about the future of artificial intelligence.

Exhibition about Artificial Intelligence

The exhibition about artificial intelligence will open its doors from Wednesday, October 18 through March 17, 2024.

It will feature 4 rooms available for a fully immersive experience of AI. In addition, the exhibition will attempt to address questions such as “Where are we?”, “How did we get here?” and “Now what?”.


Joana García López

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