The Castellers de la Vila de Gracia honor their 26th anniversary

The Castellers de la Vila de Gracia, a barcelona human tower group, commemorated their twenty-sixth anniversary last Sunday 5th of November. Their last performance of the season took place in the Plaza de la Vila de Gracia, heart of this charismatic district in Barcelona. Besides, the collas castelleras (human tower groups) of Minyons de Terrassa, Castellers de Barcelona and Castellers de Sabadell also made an appearance and participated in the event. 

At twelve noon, the square was already hosting a big crowd that was waiting for the rising of the Castells. Simultaneously, various people came out of their balconies to see.  As well as people who work in the headquarters of the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona (the city hall) located in the square were  watching and documenting the performances. The different collas took turns to perform and were accompanied by traditional music as people cheered.

@cvg_cat Així de ràpid vam entrar a Plaça per la nostra XXVI Diada! #castells #castellers #viladegràcia #llenties #fyp ♬ original sound – Castellers dela Vila de Gràcia
People in the main square of Gracia

People at the square once the Castellers de la Vila de Gracia performance was over. Source: C.Allemant

The Castellers de la Vila de Gracia are recognized for participating in competitions such as the Tarragona contest of Castells. Plus, certainly, for performing in most of the local parties of Gracia and other important festivities around Barcelona like the Diada or La Mercè. This colla was created in 1996. Nonetheless, it follows the legacy of the Xiquets de Gràcia, a human tower group that remained until the decade of 1930.

A human tower filled with culture

The Castells are basically towers made up of humans. A group that practices this tradition is called a colla, and each one of the individuals within it are called castellers. They will stand one on top of the other and build different levels of the tower. Finally, a child known as the enxaneta climbs to the top. Traditionally, the kid would lift up their hand and raise four fingers in representation of the Catalan flag.

Building a human tower is a process that requires practice and strength. Still, it also symbolizes teamwork and community, according to the website of the Castellers de la Vila de Gracia. The Castells are a really important part of the Catalan culture to this day, as they go back in memory to the 18th century. Historically, this tradition has always been done in the celebration of religious events or local festivities. 

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