Boyfriend discusses hate for girlfriend

Twitter (or shall I say “X”) is making rounds again with its latest famous thread, instigated by the verified user “Luu” and the topic he presented to fellow men in a relationship: “that phase where you slowly start hating your girlfriend is crazy.” The tweet now sits at almost 100 million views. Additionally, it is now filled by fellow boyfriends who share the same feeling, and has already passed onto new platforms (TikTok, Instagram). So, if you let your boyfriend read it, do you think he might agree?

This thread is a response to the “boy math” trend that mostly women have been participating in. Of course, to poke fun at some of the silly things their boyfriends or men in general tend to do. For instance, here is an example of it, “Boy math is wanting a traditional wife but calling you a gold digger ‘cause he has to provide.”  Evidently, as all jokes, they are not for everyone. So, what did men do? They just made another thread meant to show how much they hate their girlfriends.

Some of the most popular responses to it.

“You’ll be having a bad day and when she hugs you it becomes even worse,” a user proclaims. Another reply that gained a lot of attention was, “When she thinks you’re broke and hits you with we don’t have to do expensive dates to meet up we can just chill that time you just want her to leave you alone.”

There are many more which have garnered attention, “When you can’t let go because you haven’t found her replacement yet. And: “When the problem asks you what the problem is.” Followed by, “When you’re wondering why you’re have such a peaceful day and it turns out she’s giving you the silent treatment.”

Here is a more in-depth analysis of what is going on right now.

What did others have to say about their boyfriend?

Many women across the internet have said that they felt their “hearts sinking into their stomach” upon reading this X thread. Furthermore, it has also confirmed some of their suspicions regarding their own boyfriends.  And, how men really do hate women, even the ones that they willingly let into their lives. Nonetheless, this can just further prove that a boyfriend tends to view their girlfriend as an accessory. A way to gain a special sort of status, and something that can be thrown away.

Meanwhile, other women have also very loudly expressed their thoughts regarding the thread. Such as, “When she tells me she loves me and I’m forced to say it back, really drained the life out of me.” Additionally,  “No, literally my trust issues sky rocketed.”

In addition, here are also many people who have talked about this thread on TikTok, the app known to be a trendsetter among the youth, “Me looking at when I started to hate my girlfriend trend and realizing when my ex started hating me.”

Worried woman scrolling through her phone.

Woman scrolling through her phone. Source: Google.

What to do now?

Similarly, this is not the first time in which we had to confront the reality of how men still do not view women as people. Certainly, it gets even more depressing knowing how much “progress” has been made in the last few decades. However, it was not enough to teach boyfriends that their girlfriends should be loved.

Your boyfriend might have been neglecting you lately, or maybe has switched from saying “I love you” to just “love you”. You are not crazy; they usually know what they are doing. Undoubtedly, you have your own feelings, experiences, and needs. Even so, someone who has chosen to be by your side is not capable or refuses to meet those needs. Sometimes, what might just be an excuse hides an entirely different truth, as men on Twitter have shown us. Sometimes, your “overthinking” is not ridiculous.

Lastly, if you were wondering if your boyfriend hates you, I am sorry to tell you this, but he probably does.


Alexandra Claudia Melceoiu

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