The Zurich Barcelona Marathon Returns The Zurich Barcelona Marathon Returns

The Zurich Barcelona Marathon Returns

After nearly two years of great turmoil, runners return to Barcelona. This year’s Barcelona Marathon gives people a sense of normality again.
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On November 7th, 2021 the Barcelona Marathon finally returned to the city after a year hiatus due to  COVID 19. The race started at 8:30 am with runners participating from all over the world. Everyone can already register for the 2022 Zurich Barcelona Marathon easily through the official website. The registration fee ranges from €65,- to €84,- depending on how many people have already signed up.

Two marathon runners afeter completing the Barcelona Marathon 2021

Dominique Lalloz and friend at the Barcelona Marathon 2021.


Speaking about his experience, Dominique Lalloz stated that he made the journey from France to run the 2021 Barcelona Marathon. Lalloz has run in two marathons previously but it was his first time running here in Barcelona.  Lalloz did not plan to run the Barcelona Marathon that was cancelled last year. However, Lalloz stated that COVID 19 and the extra time he had during lockdown benefited his training for this year’s Marathon. Lalloz enjoyed his experience, stating that the «good weather is always a plus» and he finished the race in an impressive «3 hours, 47 minutes and 51 seconds».

Running for a good cause

In the video below, marathon runner Robert Hale tells us about his experience running the Zurich BCN Marathon in 2018.

If you take part in the Marató Barcelona you have the opportunity to support a social cause through the solidarity crowdfunding platform «mi Grano de arena». For the runners, this is an extra motivation and satisfaction as other people can profit from their participation in the marathon.

History of the Barcelona Marathon

International athletes have taken part in the Barcelona Marathon since 1978. Ramón Oliu, a Catalan chemist founded the Barcelona Marathon. He wrote an article that advised sedentary people to start running people and it worked. Miquel Pucurull Fontova was a 41-year-old, overweight man who had stopped playing sports 12 years previously. Thanks to the founder Ramón Oliu, Fontova started training again and decided to run a marathon, this was the third edition of the Marató de Catalunya.

The marathon was first held in Barcelona in 1981. Before that, Ramón Oliu organized the marathon in Palafrugell because he didn’t get permission to hold it in Barcelona. Incidentally, the Barcelona Maraton was first called “Catalunya 78”.

In 1982 the marathon returned to Catalunya but finally, in 1980 the marathon was subsequently moved to Barcelona. Afterwards, the marathon became known as the “Catalunya Marathon”.  Finally, in 2012 they decided on the name “Zurich Barcelona Marathon” which has not changed since.

Kenyan runner Jackson Kipkoech Kotut set a new record when he won the marathon in 2010. He finished with a time of 2:07:30. However, this wasn’t only a record for the Barcelona Marathon but a national record for Spain. Kipkeoch Kotut won over 10.000 participants in the event that year. 

Due to COVID 19, the 2020 Barcelona Marathon was rescheduled until October of 2020 and then cancelled until it returned on the 7th of November. This was disappointing for runners, as well as spectators, who were excited about the marathon and the return to normality.

Location of the Barcelona marathon

The race always takes place at Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina in Barcelona. It is an avenue in Barcelona from Plaça Espanya to the Magic Fountain. This street is often used as the venue for major events and concerts like the Merce festival and the Barcelona marathon. This avenue is sometimes closed for big trade exhibitions at the Fira Montjuic trade show area which flanks the avenue and where the Palau de Congressos de Barcelona convention centre is located. At the entrance to Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, you can see two tall Venetian towers. At the far end, you can see the popular Magic Fountain on Plaça de Carles Buïgas. Above the fountains, there is the Palau Nacional national palace in which the National Art Museum of Catalonia is located.

Barcelona Marathon Route

Former runners say that the course of the Marató Barcelona is one of the most special ones in the world. 

Route of the Marató Barcelona

The route of the Zurich BCN Marathon 2021.


On the map, you can see that runners can appreciate the heart of Barcelona and the famous Gaudi’s architecture. Accordingly, passionate crowds will be all over the route to cheer the runners up. You won’t miss that unique experience in 2022!

Visitor Area

Nevertheless, even if you don’t run marathons this event has still a lot to offer for you. The visitor centre is free for everyone and is located at Hall 2 of Fira de Barcelona in Montjuïc. Finally, visitors get to see and try the latest products and services of the leading brands of the sector. These leading brands come to showcase their products and accessories and have teams of professionals ready to answer your questions. It is a great occasion to see what brands are launching.

Published Aoife Byrne and Sandra Kurzmann.

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