WikiLeaks and journalism WikiLeaks and journalism

WikiLeaks and journalism

WikiLeaks complex romance
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WikiLeaks was born to kill journalism. The idea was simple: you publish the original information and the public reads it, making the intermediary useless (journalists). We can see this in The Fifth State, a film based on, WikiLeaks’ cofounder book, Daniel Domscheit-Berg Inside WikiLeaks.  During the movie  we can see Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, treat with disrespect journalists. Assange considers that the «old media» is not investigating enough and therefore not achieving its natural purpose.


WikiLeaks through its whistle-blowers brought to the light thousands of scandals. Millions of documents and raw data of an undoubted journalistic value. A data WikiLeaks and its tiny structure cannot process nor publish following the basic journalistic standards. As a result, we see that WikiLeaks has had to rely on journalism in some of its biggest publications: such as the Afghanistan or the Panamá papers.

Newspapers have a structure and the manpower to process data. They also know the limitations of their readers (not everyone has the time to analyse 2000 documents) and their preferences.

WikiLeaks needed traditional media to help them to expose news that would not have reached the public. Since they would have stayed in their web camouflaged between thousands of pages and files.

Journalists have boundaries which they won’t pass, in the contrary WikiLeaks considers there shouldn’t exist any limits for information. One example we can clearly see on the movie is the theme of spies from United States, and the danger that could cause the publication of information without being dully processed and delicate information revised.

Trespassing this boundary has provoked the persecution of WikiLeaks “publishers”. Assange is a “refugee” in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Manning has passed many years in a “2×2 hole” in the U.S., Snowden can’t leave Russia, etc. In this point, we can say that WikiLeaks has faced what many journalists have: backlash for telling the truth. Because what both newspapers and WikiLeaks know for sure is that truth is dangerous.

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