Wikileaks and traditional journalism: The same type of information? Wikileaks and traditional journalism: The same type of information?

Wikileaks and traditional journalism: The same type of information?

Sources and information are more important than ever
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Nobody knows how a certain information or news can change the world, but Wikileaks knows it. Julian Assange, the creator of this website,  became famous after the release of some documents and early releases that included documentation of expenditures and holdings in the Afghanistan war. All of these publications were anonymous and sent through the deep web.

Wikileaks changes the way information comes from


Sources and their privacy

Afterwards, journalism started to change. In traditional journalism, publishers should always make references to their sources in order to increase their credibility. Wikileaks began seeing a new way of achieving data protecting the privacy of the sources.

Even though, sometimes, in the documents that they provide they show personal information, such as people addresses or phone numbers. This can provide danger for people who are involved in those documents. But, according to Wikileaks if someone modifies an information the original content changes. As Julian Assange has said: “Editing reflects bias”. Is the reason why they furnish the information and the real responsibility is for journalists who decide to publish it. They have the chance to play with fire or not.

It is important to say Wikileaks have access to the deep web. This means exclusive information that is not public.This should not be like this. Everyone should have access to data that can be useful in order to be impartial and objective when they write. An example of data that we can find in the deep web can be Panama Papers. They provided a list of famous people who had offshore money to do not pay taxes.



The deep web, exclusive information

Although, Wikileaks and traditional journalism have common points. Both are information and they could be taken as investigative journalism. With Wikileaks, you can know interesting information that can affect society. But unfortunately, we do not know it because traditional journalism wants to hide in order to protect important people.


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