Wikileaks, information to serve the truth Wikileaks, information to serve the truth

Wikileaks, information to serve the truth

Assange’s platform is beyond ordinary media
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Wikileaks is an online platform that provides information. Julian Assange created this platform on 2006 in order to publish real information, as he says. He defends that it is not an ordinary media. Daniel Berg was with Assange’s web since the very beginning. Both made career uncovering informs and medias that were confidential. That is why they have been criticized for many people, including journalists too.

Wikileaks' logo

Wikileaks’ logo

Although their goal is the same, to inform, they clash about how to do it. Wikileaks and the traditional journalism have the main difference here. The way to provide those informations. First of all, Assange’s platform never reveals their sources in order to protect them, and also, to help them to go further in their investigations. Unlike the online information platform, traditional media always tries to prove that the data they are communicating is true by publishing the identity of their sources.



Fifth State: what to do with the information

In the film The Fifth State, about the development of Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Daniel Berg argue about uploading confidential information of the government of the USA. Julian is in favor of publishing would represent the essence of Wikileaks. On the other hand, Daniel has a more traditional attitude. He defends the values of the classic way of doing journalism. The citizens need to know everything, there is no reason why they should not be informed of confidential issues. But, in fact, that was one of the  reasons why Julian Assange created the platform.

As they are managing classified information, they need to make sure that the proves they have are  completely true. Wikileaks has to verify the information it gets. In order to do that, employers meet the sources, travel to very conflictive countries and do whatever they have to. Only to bring out the truth that citizens deserve to know.

This film is about morality, friendship, loyalty, privacy and many other issues. But, most of all, it makes the audience think about our real world. How does it work and what is the main role of journalism in society. A role that could be really controversial sometimes but that must always serve the truth.

Graphic with the origins of the Wikileaks' cables

Graphic with the origins of the Wikileaks’ cables

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