Why did WikiLeaks change the way Information is released? Why did WikiLeaks change the way Information is released?

Why did WikiLeaks change the way Information is released?

Clashes and similarities between traditional newspaper and WikiLeaks in providing information.
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WikiLeaks was founded by Julian Assange and his co-worker Daniel Berg. Together they made WikiLeaks a successful website. The WikiLeaks website informs the public about government corruption and non-ethical issues. The co-founders mission was to enlighten the people. The values behind WikiLeaks include justice and providing pure information to the public.

Traditional Newspapers such as the Guardian and WikiLeaks both have right to freedom of speech and expression. They also want to keep the citizens informed about politics around the world. Even though it is not clear if WikiLeaks is a source or a newspaper, they both use outside sources to provide reliable information.

On the contrary traditional newspapers edit the content and give perspectives. For example, in the movie, the Fifth Estate the Guardian newspapers protect people’s identity at all costs. They edit the original content. On the contrary, for Julian the founder of WikiLeaks, the most important thing is to protect his sources. However, he would never edit an original document to avoid collateral damage.

WikiLeaks provides pure information

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks: "Truth will always win"

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks: «Truth will always win»

In the movie, Julian’s purpose in creating WikiLeaks was to provide unedited information. Julian believed that traditional Newspapers was not providing sufficient information to inform the masses in an unbiased way. In Julian Assange’s opinion editing a document strips the document of the truth by giving the reader a point of view to view the news from. Julian’s goal was to provide classified information to the masses so that they could stand up against corrupt governments. Julian allowed the people to come up with their own ideas about the information provided.

WikiLeaks partnered with The Guardian and, thus made an impact in the traditional newspaper. The government realized with the Pentagon papers that mass media is an important power. The media landscape is dynamic and is changing along with new technological innovations in technology such as the release of WikiLeaks. The page started with only one person while traditional newspapers staff approximately 1,000 employees who work to perfect news and present it to the audience.


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