Whistleblower confronts Facebook of misleading information Whistleblower confronts Facebook of misleading information

Whistleblower confronts Facebook of misleading information

Facebook will always choose profit over safety states the whistleblower
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On Sunday, October 3rd, Frances Haugen the whistleblower who confronts Facebook was revealed in a «60 Minutes» interview and said that Facebook is in a conflict between the public good and what benefits the company itself. Moreover, the data scientist says that Facebook would always choose its own interest.

Frances Haugen confronts the media giant

Ms Haugen joined Facebook in 2019 and wanted to join a department where the company fights misinformation because she has lost a dear friend to conspiracy theory on online platforms. Firstly she mentions how Facebook has, over and over, always chosen profit over safety. Facebook has prematurely turned off safeguards designed to defeat misinformation and mob risings that occurred after the Joe Bidens election win. Which allegedly advanced the invasion of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. She states the algorithms that control user’s feed is the issue, as it highlights hateful content.

An image of a time bomb with a Facebook logo

Facebook algorithm causes hateful content



But however, before Ms Haugen’s interview came out, Nick Clegg, an executor at Facebook, was mocking the whistleblower’s accusations as misleading. Nick says that social media do have a significant impact on society, and Facebook is usually a platform where debates occur. However, he states that there is no evidence of Facebook being or any social media a primary cause of polarization.

Whistleblower vs Facebook

Ms Haugen has filed at least eight complaints with the U.S. securities regulators. Whistleblower confronts Facebook which has violated the law by keeping information about the risks posed by its social network. However, Facebook could, in return, take legal action against Ms Haugen as she stole confidential information from the company.

As seen in the documentary «Page One: Inside the New York Times», leaking of fake news can contribute to propaganda. As the example has been seen with Judith Miller, it has affected her career. By managing to spread incorrect information, which led to many controversies and misbelieves on the debating topic. Is Facebook doing the same thing here? Is Facebook responsible for publishing misleading information on the social media giant?

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