Wandavision Chapter 1×04: Questions that everybody ask for Wandavision Chapter 1×04: Questions that everybody ask for

Wandavision Chapter 1×04: Questions that everybody ask for

Disney+ Series ‘Wandavision’ Chapter 1×04 show us how the ‘early 50’s sitcom’ was created
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WandaVision Chapter 1×04 answered questions, but left so many others that continue to baffle the audience. What is the real goal of SWORD? Do we know the
nature of Westview? How much do we know about the powers of Wanda? Let’s review the main theories of that complex world.


WandaVision Chapter 1×04: Why they have to stay at Westview?

In one of the final scenes of CHAPTER 1X04, Wanda has a short and hard conversation with Vision, whom she has just seen as the corpse that we all remember from Endgame.

The image is short, stark and harsh, but it makes it clear that what is happening in Westview is directly linked to Wanda’s perception of reality.

And although it is not very clear how much depends on Wanda, if she slips a little clue that has made fans debate for days. When Vision insists that they can go “wherever they want,” Wanda immediately contradicts him: “No, we can’t do it,” he replies, “this is our home.”

Is it some kind of emotional attachment? It actually seems something more related to some special element in the city that we see in WandaVision. In fact, fans have theorized that comic book characters like Mephisto or the witch Agatha Harkness could be the true source of power for Westview’s alternate reality.

wandavision chapter 1x04

Wanda showing her powers during Wandavision Chapter 1×04. Footage.

Monica Rambeau seems pretty sure that The Scarlet Witch is the one pulling all the strings, but it is still possible that she is drawing her power from elsewhere to do so on a grand scale. If Agnes is Agatha Harkness maybe Wanda looked for her on purpose.

Or maybe there is something else in the area generating the cosmic background radiation that SWORD is picking up that appears to be related to the infinity stone that gave the Scarlet Witch her powers.


WandaVision Chapter 1×04: Why an early 50’s sitcom?

It is the question asked not only by SWORD and the FBI, but by the entire audience. The energy projected outside Westview, which Darcy describes as Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR), manifests as an old television signal on WandaVision.

Now that you’ve created this dangerous escapist fantasy, you could be using those picturesque, idealized stories as fuel for your own sitcom. Still, the ending credits and camera angles shown in SWORD add mystery to the whole.

After all, this is not a copy but a realistic version of something much more elaborate. Is what we see in WandaVision just Wanda’s memories or is it a stranger idea altogether? WandaVision Chapter 1×04 has opened a new paradigm for fans to understand the TV Show.

We’ll have to wait till the next chapter to answer the most as possible.

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