Virtual events «flood» completely l’Hospitalet de Llobregat Virtual events «flood» completely l’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Virtual events «flood» completely l’Hospitalet de Llobregat

The Solidarity Week 2020 and The XVII Sample of Spiritual Cinema will be the next events to be organized only in the virtual space
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The virtual scenario has been gaining presence in an incredible speed during the last years, specially during the last months. The Solidarity Week 2020 and The XVII Sample of Spiritual Cinema will be presented in a virtual way in l’Hospitalet del Llobregat. And of course, this is due to the pandemic.

The Solidarity Week is an initiative which l’Espai de la Ciutadania de l’Hospitalet created in collaboration with the Creu Roja. This year it will take place in the week of November 25 to the end of the month in a virtual space. It will cover the topic of gender violence for the second year in a row under the slogan “I believe you. You are not alone». In this 2020 the event wants to raising awareness about a certain situation. Women who «had to live with their abusers because of the pandemic  restrictions». These are the words of Enric Roldán, coordinator of l’Espai de Ciutadania.

The reasons behind the virtual change

The organization of all the activities in the virtual space is for security reasons. The municipal service CAID (Centre d’Atenció i Informació de la Dona) in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat that carries out events around November 25, will also collaborate jointly with the solidarity initiative. On that date the idea is to hold for the first time a special conference. People related to psychology, pedagogy will participate in a virtual way. It will also try to introduce the novelty of getting an opinion from the justice. In addition to this, one of the entities of the Espai de la Ciutadania, the Fòrum de l’Hospitalet, will broadcast films related to the subject.

Children virtual activities and FilmCat Platform

Virtual transmission of activities with children and FilmCat, the film platform intented to be used this year


In previous years, the Solidarity Week focused on collecting food. After they put the focus on refugees rights. And finally, it has been dealing with the issue of gender violence this year and the previous one. Several educational centers received a petition recently. Making some kind of contribution, including videos, posters, letters on the subject. The plan is to transmit them in virtual platforms and some schools are already responding.

Virtual space in the XVII Sample of Spiritual Cinema

Secondly, the seventeenth Sample of Spiritual Cinema is an iniciative that will take place in seventeen municipalities in Catalonia, including l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, with the collaboration of the Fòrum de l’Hospitalet, an entity of l’Espai de Ciutadania. And because of the pandemic, it will be carried out in the virtual sphere.

This year the date of the Solidarity Week coincides with the Spiritual Film Festival and films related to the topic of gender violence will be broadcasted for the second consecutive time. The films that the Fòrum de l’Hospitalet will play online are The salt of the Earth (November 20) and another one still unknown. Besides, in the ending of both movies the organizers will do a streaming colloquium.

The organization in l’Hospitalet del Llobregat is practically the same than of the rest of Catalonia. At the beginning they wanted to present both events in the Collblanc-Torrasa Cultural Center and Ana Díaz Municipal Center. However, the limitations imposed because of the coronavirus forced to change the idea.




In 2019, in the Torrassa neighborhood they played the films First Reformed and Le Brio. «In fact, people always wanted more discussion», says Josep Mª Pujol i Boira, member of the Fòrum de l’Hospitalet. «And the debate was quite interesting too», he adds. The third movie presented was Buddha collapsed Out of shame. According to Pujol, it «introduced an interesting reflection.

All this information and more details of the events can be found both in the official website of The Solidarity Week 2020 and in the XVII Sample of Spiritual Cinema.

By Gildenis Correia





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