How are delays in vaccine deliveries really affecting Spain? How are delays in vaccine deliveries really affecting Spain?

How are delays in vaccine deliveries really affecting Spain?

The key time for reaching the target of 70% of the population will be spring.
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At the current rate, it would take years to vaccinate the entire population of Spain against Covid-19. The assertion, which is being touted by a number of political leaders in the country, is true. But it doesn’t provide any information that we haven’t already known for more than a month now. Barring a few deviations from the plan, this was the expected speed for the early stage of the campaign.

The government is planning for a ramping up of the inoculations. . The delay in the arrival of the available vaccines has, up to now, prompted the reorganization of schedules. But it has not significantly changed the forecasts that were put in place at the end of December, when announcements were made about how many doses would be arriving in the country during the first quarter of the year. Whether or not the government’s objectives are met – will not depend on the number of doses that arrive before the spring. This was always due to be very limited, but rather those that start to arrive from that moment onward.

How many vaccines have arrived?

By this last week, 1,837,700 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines were due to have arrived, which is 68,645 more than were received. That’s to say, there was a 3.8% shortfall. The majority of the vaccines that are being administered in this phase are from Pfizer; just 35,700 of the total are from Moderna.

A young woman takes her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

How many are left to arrive this year?

The plan was for Spain to receive 4.59 million Pfizer doses. Spain also was to recieve 600,000 from Moderna in the first quarter of the year. The former company has announced that it will increase its production from February 15, meaning that this target figure may actually be exceeded. But even maintaining the current speed, the expected figure will be reached by the end of March.


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