An unmistakable cocoa recipe An unmistakable cocoa recipe

An unmistakable cocoa recipe

You know what they say, «clear things and thick cocoa.»
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75 years creating a delicious cocoa recipe

Me, ColaCao Original, I am the same cocoa as always. I am the ideal breakfast and snack, do you remember the song? I have conquered both young and old, becoming the leader of my category and a true Love Brand. Also this year I celebrate my 75th birthday, since my creation in a small workshop in Barcelona, in the neighborhood of Gracia.

Say “no” to alkalization

I keep this recipe so mine since I was born: natural cocoa, cereals and sugar, without any additive. Natural cocoa? That’s right, like life itself: hand-picked, sun dried, roasted and pressed. It does not go through any chemical treatment and retains all its nutritional properties. You know what they say, if something is so delicious do not touch it.

ColaCao Original keeps nutrition and flavor properties of cocoa.

Say no to alkalization and choose ColaCao Original.

You makes me especial

My lumps and I have been with you all my life, but it is you who makes me Original. Prepare me as you want, each one has its own shape and surely you do too. In addition, if you are lactose intolerant, you can take to change your preparation lactose-free milk or other beverages of vegetable origin.


I take care of people and the environment

Cocoa is something that I carry deep inside and the responsibility of its cultivation is vital. 100% of the cocoa I contain is certified by the UTZ program of the Rainforest Alliance NGO, whose objective is to promote sustainable cultivation and improve the social conditions of small farmers.

Join the ColaCao Original challenge

In our country they drink more than 50 glasses of milk with ColaCao per second. Every day there is one more home that joins the ColaCao Original challenge. There is only one life, so enjoy it to the fullest. You dare?

Paula Yeves Andrés

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