Children murdered in Godella (Valencia) Children murdered in Godella (Valencia)

Children murdered in Godella (Valencia)

Parents are in prison for allegedly murdered their two childrens
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Maria Gomabau, 28 years old and her boyfriend Gabriel Carvajal 32 years old in provisional prison for allegedly killing their two children. Amiel, three and a half years old and Rachel, six months in Godella (Valencia.)

The bodies turned up buried and lifeless. It was Maria G. herself who took the investigators to the place where were the dead bodies of her two sons. The children were found in two separate pits near the house. Moreover were found buried in a grave with evident signs of violence. The autopsies confirmed it. Amiel and Rachel died of serious head injuries.

Maria Gombau and Gabriel Carvajal allegedly murdered their childrens

María Gombau and her boyfriend Gabriel Carvajal with one of her children. (Image: twitter)


Delirium for drugs and mystical theories

Death could be part of a ritual. Their bodies were buried drawing a triangle with the house. To clarify, Maria G expected the children to reincarnate in her body. Therefore she protect them. Maria G was found in an area near the house. She appeared hidden in a drum naked and with scratches.

Maria had written to her mother after the crime «I am going to meet the Creator»

Gabriel Carvajal, lived in a kind of continuous paranoia. The young woman of Godella, presumed murderer of her children, and her boyfriend, had experienced in recent months a kind of degeneration. They believed in their mystical and religious paraonias. Also, mixed that with the drugs they consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms, marijuana…

For example, they continually talk about extraterrestrials, sects of pedophiles who controlled the world, salvation and reincarnations. In addition, Maria had written to her mother to say goodbye after the crime. She tell her that «I am going to meet the Creator». Which made him wonder if his grandchildrens would be okay. about   

Children were living in the House of Horrors

The house that had squatted and lived with their children in unhealthy condition. A semi-ruined house in the municipality of Rocafort, in Valencia. Likewise the house, say research sources, lacked the most basic.

Therefore, it had no refrigerator and there was accumulated food of months ago in a state of putrefaction. In addition, the family members slept on mattresses on the floor .

In short, their livelihood came already from some help that neighbors and charities from their environment gave them.

To sum up,  the question arises as to why the Administration had not acted before. If grandmother of the children had called Social Services. Above all, because grandmother were preocupated by the  bad situation in which the whole family lived and because she was worried about her grandchildren.  

The police went to the house days before to the crime of María Gombau and Gabriel and confirmed that «they were fine.»


What has failed to end up in the worst finals? Injustice over the innocent must be improved. Because someone has to protect children from their parents if they can’t do it on their own.




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