Tunato, the newest 100% vegetal food Tunato, the newest 100% vegetal food

Tunato, the newest 100% vegetal food

Tunato is the first vegetal alternative food for the raw tuna. The Spanish start-up Mimic Seafood was the one that launched this product to the market and Spain is the first country that is developing it
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This type of food is fashionable in Europe. The creation that mimic seafood has launched in the market, tunato, is the newest one.  This company that work creating alternative vegetable foods also for other seafood, it is a novelty within this gastronomic culture. In that case, tunato is a product that adapts perfectly to a vegetarian diet, but vegans can also enjoy its flavour.

Mimic seafood has created a product based on a great variety of tomatoes, grown in Spain, which has given an excellent result. Tunato imitates tuna meat perfectly thanks to the characteristics and textures that these tomatoes have.

Moreover, its consumption is suitable for all types of consumers, including those who are allergic to fish. For exceptional cases such as pregnant women, this product is totally healthy for them.

This start-up has remarked that this product has the purpose of being able to appear in a wide variety of dishes. Now, you can found tunato in dishes such as nigiris, pokes and sushi roll. In a long term, the idea is to find this 100% vegetable product in all varieties of sushi, in ceviche and tartar.

In addition, tunato is a new product that is within these food innovations for products of animal origin. This market of new food innovations is gaining a lot of economic strength thanks to the healthy and sustainable products. Furthermore, this market is expected to reach the value of 5,000 million dollars of value.

Mimic Seafood is in one of the most known enterprises that works in this market. The creation of this food can also help to grow up this market and also encourage people to become vegetarian. These type of foods can make the world better and will probably be the future.

Ricardo Jiménez

the new vegetarian food tunato in nigiri format

The new vegetarian food tunato in nigiri format


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