Thermomix: the future of the kitchen Thermomix: the future of the kitchen

Thermomix: the future of the kitchen

Thermomix revolutionizes the whole world
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It is true that there are very good restaurants, that people are fond of eating well and to appreciate and enjoy good food. But what happens if good food can be in your home quickly and easily?
Gone are the stoves and the classic casseroles. In other words, Thermomix allows you to cut, beat, steam, grind, fry, heat, crush, stir…all in one machine.

Thermomix saves time and effort

This appliance takes the kitchen to the next level. Certainly a greater potential with guided cooking and a thousand recipes step by step that allows you to prepare all kinds of dishes and desserts.
Thanks to technology, innovation and internet connection allow you to follow the recipes from your screen and make the recipe easier. Thermomix allows you to make food at low temperature, fish, vegetables and fermentation, something ideal for instance making homemade yogurts. In addition sweet and savory pastries, cold and hot creams, even sushi, very populars nowadays…

The best recipes

To conclude, we leave you one of the best recipes according to the users who already have the Thermomix. One of the mythical récipes to do is: Rice with milk.

Rice with milk

Rice with milk prepared by a Thermomix


  • Ingredients: Whole milk 1.5 l, Round rice 200 g, Lemon peel (only the yellow part) 1/2, Orange peel (only the yellow part) 1/2, Cinnamon stick 1, Salt, Sugar 180 g, 70 g unsalted butter, in addition a ground cinnamon (to sprinkle).
  • Preparation: We place the butterfly on the blades. We put in the glass milk, rice, lemon and orange peel, cinnamon and salt. We program 45 min / 90ºC / vel 1. Meanwhile add the sugar and butter. We program 10 min / 90ºC / vel 1. After that remove the lemon and orange skins and the cinnamon stick. We divide the rice pudding between 6 dishes or individual bowls and let it cool. We serve sprinkled ground cinnamon.
Ingredients to make rice with milk by Thermomix

Image of ingredients to prepare with Thermomix and make rice with milk


  • Time: 1 hour

Marina Serrano Pérez

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