The Supertoaster by GYSIN, the future of the breakfast The Supertoaster by GYSIN, the future of the breakfast

The Supertoaster by GYSIN, the future of the breakfast

A toaster that combine AI and quality at a time record !
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Inici » Historic » The Supertoaster by GYSIN, the future of the breakfast

A transparent toaster

The Supertoaster

« Embrace your breakfast » is our vision.

First of all, GYSIN is created in California in the united states in 2015, where two acolytes merged their vision of innovation and quality. We want to revolutionize the daily life of consumers and bring you the best experience with our new product: the Supertoaster.

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The faster toaster and the best new innovative technology

Firstly, we know that in this time you are always in a rush and need to be quick all the time. With our new innovative technology, we can propose you the best toast in a new time record : 3 seconds !

Then, our technology called « GYSINtm » is revolutionary because it offers an imcomparable taste and an imcomparable time ; the Supertoaster already knows what is the best for you and you can set about 6 different personal mode !

Indeed, every Supertoaster is set up to fit the best with your tastes thanks to our AI that can determine what you want. Indeed, we also want to offer you the best experience by a questionary in the beggining to know what you like. Then, the Supertoaster makes the job to give you what you want. In the case your taste would change which is very rare, you just have to say «HELLO GYSIN » in front of the Supertoaster and the intelligent assistant will speak with you to manage it.

Secondly, the Supertoaster can detect which types of bread is roasted and knows every specificities and parameters of it to offers you the best experience.

Moreover, at GYSIN we care about your health, which is why our toaster is also equipped with an intelligent system that alerts you if your bread is no longer good for your health, if it has expired. Indeed, It knows the % of every ingredients, humidity and many others.

A luxurious design

To finish, the design is also a part of our vision, we want to give you a piece of art that embellish your kitchen. We have put a transparent unbreakable glass on the front of the toaster which changes colour as it heats. The choice of colour is up to you, it can be adjusted in the settings.

Therefore, we offer you 2 products : The Supertoaster 900 euros ; and the Supertoaster Gold Edition 1200 euros which is gold plated and has a more advanced IA.

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