The new sour range of Chupa Chups The new sour range of Chupa Chups

The new sour range of Chupa Chups

The brand challenges the bravest to try their new candy
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Can you imagine trying to eat a piece of candy without getting your hands dirty? It would make life easier for parents, especially those with young children. Children often get their hands dirty when they eat candy by putting them in and out of their mouths. This was the big idea to create the sweet with the stick, known as Chupa Chups.

The candy company was founded in 1958 by the catalan Enric Bernat in Asturias. At first, it was called Gol because of its resemblance to a soccer ball entering the goal, the mouth of a child. Two years later, in 1960, it was renamed Chups. They brought out a line of different flavors such as strawberry, lemon, orange, cola and mint.

Today, we all know them by the name of Chupa Chups, not Chups. This change started with the creation of a good jingle «Chupa Chupa Chupa Chupa un Chup» which was based on the verb chupar in spanish. Its strength led to change the name back from Chups to Chupa Chups.

After a few years of growth, in 1969 they saw the need to change the image of the brand, a change of logo. To do so, they met with the famous surrealist Catalan painter Salvador Dalí in a cafeteria to propose that he be the one to design the new logo. In less than an hour, Dalí drew a daisy, the famous Chupa Chups logo, on a napkin in the same coffee shop.  This logo is considered one of the most emblematic of all times and has remained as the brand’s corporate image until now.

Now, with more than 60 years ahead of it, the brand has launched its latest product. The Sour Infernals, the new sour range with the most infernal flavors. The brand is betting on these new products without knowing if its public has what it takes to face its new challenge. In this case, they give the opportunity to experience these new flavors through 4 different candies: Sour Infernals Chupa Chups, Sour Infernals Chewy candy, Sour Infernals candies and Sour Infernals Chewing gum. Besides different types of candies, you will also be lucky enough to try different flavors that vary depending on the candy (cola, lemon, apple, cherry and strawberry).

The new Chupa Chup’s candy: Sour Infernals

This time the candy king wanted to go further and create an interaction with the public by proposing a challenge. In addition to challenging them to try its most infernal candies, it also proposes to those who are brave enough to try them to record themselves and post their most acidic reactions on the networks and tag the brand. In this way, the video with the most views will be able to try the next product before anyone else.



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