An exhibition linking to german history An exhibition linking to german history

An exhibition linking to german history

The HOGA exhibition has a long tradition and is known for its success. But without the economic boom in the 1950s, HOGA wouldn’t be what it is today.
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HOGA is the third largest exhibition for the hospitality industry. It is known for always inspiring new exhibitors with concepts, new trends and numerous ideas. From the 15th to the 17th of January in 2019 it took place for the 66th time. The exhibition has been a complete success since 1950. Companies like Coca Cola, Evenord and Wamsler have been there from the beginning. But what is behind the success? How dit it all start? What is the connection to the german economic history?

How it all started

The first HOGA took place in 1950. Since the premiere the exhibition has been heading for success.

This is how the first HOGA exhibition looked like in 1950.


The first HOGA took place in 1950. Many factors have influenced the growth of the exhibition and made it what it is today. In the 1960s, the German economic miracle and the growing importance of tourism created an economic boom. The result: Full employment.

Since then, more and more people have been able to afford to go on holiday and eat in restaurants. Guest workers came to Germany, too. They brought their culture to the hotel and catering industry and helped the market to become more international. At the same time, the exhibition business became more and more important. So one thing led to another and this is how HOGA established in the world of gastronomes and hoteliers.

What about HOGA today?

The HOGA is a good place for professionals all around the world. Young cooks can demonstrate their skills in different competitions and prove themselves to an expert jury.

Cooks preparing their dish for the competition

Future professionals preparing their dish for the competition.


The FOOD SPECIAL has been an inherent part of the HOGA exhibition since 1999. Also referred to as «fair in the fair», it enriches the exhibition with the latest food trends and newest products. Top cooks present those products in their kitchens and show what can be done with them.

This year many food trucks appeared at the exhibition to show their work and present themselves.

This year many food trucks appeared at the exhibition to show their work and present themselves.


Today, exhibitions like HOGA have a huge influence on the economy. Germany is the number one country for international exhibitions at the moment. Partners from all around the world come together here. For them, exhibitions are platforms where communication and innovation happens.


Lisa Herbst

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