The ‘Golden’ release of Harry Styles The ‘Golden’ release of Harry Styles

The ‘Golden’ release of Harry Styles

The last music video of his second studio album ‘Fine Line’ takes us to Italy
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This is the end of an era. Harry Styles releases the new music video for ‘Golden’. With it, the artist finishes the last chapter of his second studio album, ‘Fine Line’. The British singer follows the story of ‘Adore You’ and takes us to a little village in Italy.

Harry Styles takes a walk through the streets under the sunlight and sings directly to the camera. This connects both videos because of the symbolism with the fish. In ‘Adore You’, we see a story about the artist helping a fish. He helps him into growing while being there for him and being its best friend. All of this is leads us to the ‘Golden’ music video. With the use of first person point of view with the camera, we become the fish in certain frames. This means that the main focus of this video is the connection of the British singer with his fans.

Harry Styles in the 'Golden' music video

Harry Styles in the ‘Golden’ music video


This music video shows the artist being himself while walking the streets and dancing. You can see him spreading happiness while the song plays its lyrics about self-growth and self-discovering. As Harry Styles said for the Rolling Stones magazine, ‘the album is all about having sex and feeling sad” but also contains the toughest, most soulful songs he’s written yet.

‘Fine Line’ enters the ranking of the 500-best albums of all times

After almost a year since the record came out, ‘Fine Line’ has surpassed the 109 million streams. It also has had the third best music release of the year. With tracks like ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Lights Up’, Rolling Stones magazine has ranked the album inside of the 500-best albums of all times as the 491st.  ‘Golden’ is set to be the last single meaning that this album era has come to an end. We still have to wait for the ‘Fine Line’ tour, it is postponed to February of 2021 although its said to be moved to further dates.


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