Squid Game challenges inequality in South Korea Squid Game challenges inequality in South Korea

Squid Game challenges inequality in South Korea

Squid Game resonates with South Koreans through its aggressive tone in dealing with 21st century inequality
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The popular Korean Netflix drama series that premiered last September. Squid Game deals in many strong themes in a more direct way than other Korean dramas such as inequality and debt. “Household debt in South Korea has risen in recent years to over 100% of its GDP and the top 20% of earners in the country have a net worth 166 times that of the bottom 20%, a disparity which has increased by half since 2017.’According to ‘the Conversation'”.

Seong GI‑Hun is addicted to gambling and he owes a lot of money to multiple lenders. We get to know him as divorced and laid off from his factory job 10 years prior. He lives with his elderly mother, whom she also relies on financially. He also risks losing visitation and any rights to see her. His divorced wife plans to take his daughter to live in the United States with her new wealthy husband. GI-Hun is facing the shameful scenario (another reacquiring theme in Korean cinema and society) if he looses his daughter.

Introducing Wiki Leaks

The Wiki Leaks organization introduces itself to the New York Times for the first time when they hear the group has acquired classified information and most prominently a video. This video shows American military personnel in Iraq killing at least 8 civilians including two Reuters news employees. Wikileaks is taking a direct route to show the world its inequalities, just like Squid Game. In order to shock people into action and response.

Inequality and debt are only one example of the socioeconomic inequality in Korea that Squid Game is calling out. In the final episode, a final bet is dependent on whether or not someone will help a homeless drunk man who is freezing on the street. With the two betting men taking presumably the argument on two sides that play out in Korean society.

Julian Assange in black and white

Julian Assange Smiles


Julian Assange says that he aligns himself more closely with the values of an activist and justice, than Journalism. Assange and the Wiki Leaks organizations don’t shy away from the fact that they will go direct and upfront to get the most impact from their work as they can. “The promise we make to our sources is that not only will we defend them through every means…but we will try and get the maximum possible political impact for the material that they give to us.”

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