Soya, the modern enemy of the Amazon Soya, the modern enemy of the Amazon

Soya, the modern enemy of the Amazon

Soya cultivation is the greatest threat to the Amazon and the planet. In Brazil, the destruction of the Earth’s lung is accelerating in favour of soybeans, the most exported cereals in the world.
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The Amazon is in danger. We all know that. Deforestation of the Earth’s lung continues and worsens. Entire areas of forest are destroyed. Whether it is for its rare woods but above all for the space it could free up. Soya cultivation is the main cause.

A false friend of the planet

Soya have become one of the staple foods of the vegan way of life. But it has always been used to feed livestock around the world. Brazil is the second largest soybean exporter in the world after the USA. It could become the first in a few years as its production increases rapidly. But in Brazil, the economic expansion of this sector requires the disappearance of the forest. Which however absorbs 10% of the world’s CO2. 

The increasingly bruise of Amazon

Soya is therefore one of the main causes of Amazonian deforestation. Between August 2017 and August 2018, deforestation of the world’s largest forest jumped by 13%. Thus a total of 7900 km2 of forest disappeared. It represents an area equivalent to 75 times the size of Paris. We can obviously correlate this increase in deforestation with the 22.6% increase in soybean exports between 2017 and 2018.

Deforestation of Amazon

At this rate, scientists predict the total disappearance of Amazonia in 2150.

Consumers as a potential solution

It is not with Bolsonaro’s arrival in power that Brazil will switch to a policy of protecting its environment. On the contrary, the Brazilian president is ultra-liberal, pro-pesticidal and climate-sceptical. It’s an explosive cocktail for the planet. So what can we do to stop this deforestation? The only way that states can do this would be to stop consuming Brazilian soya. The European Union is the second largest importer of soya after China. Countries such as France import 61% of Brazilian soya. It is high time to act. 


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