SNIPES launches the Space Jam Collection SNIPES launches the Space Jam Collection

SNIPES launches the Space Jam Collection

The German streetwear brand brings a new arrival related to the series
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To celebrate the release of ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’, SNIPES has released a diverse collection in collaboration with Warner Bros. The launch of 48 new pieces of clothing and accessories is inspired by the Tune Squad and LeBron James. This collection has already been released and are available in the SNIPES online store.

The collaborative collection combines the urban culture of SNIPES with the charisma of the Looney Tunes in pieces such as denim jackets, shorts, caps, bucket hats or socks. To honor basketball, the protagonist in the Space Jam saga, sweatshirts full of Looney Tunes prints, basketball shirts, graphic shirts, ribbons and balls have also been put up for sale.


SNIPES is a streetwear and sneaker chain with over 400 stores all over the world based in Germany. It’s considered a leader brand within its market and is in countries like Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Austria and many other countries, including the United States. Its origin goes back in 1998 in Essen, and it’s playing an important role in the urban world and keeps growing faster and faster.

This brand covers multiple urban aspects such as skating, dance, hip-hop and other “street known” activities. SNIPE’s focus stands on the contemporary mindset and urban youth culture. Not only does it have its own clothing line, but offers a whole variety of other successful clothing brands. These are Jordan, Nike, Adidas, DC, Fila, and many others which also attract their main target: the urban youth.

From teenagers to adults, every group is welcome. SNIPES’ focus is based on urban culture, which focuses more on a lifestyle than an age range. However, all their target groups are teenagers (13-19), young people (20-30) and young adults (30-40). All their advertising and marketing strategies are clearly focused to these 3 main groups, since they can relate to it perfectly and they collaborate with role models/celebrities who belong in these age groups.

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