Are you a sneaky person? Are you a sneaky person?

Are you a sneaky person?

Is it considered stealing to take pens from a bank? What about extra napkins from a fast-food restaurant? Are you having sneaky behavirous that you don’t know about?
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While grabbing a pen isn’t necessarily considered stealing, you should just ask the teller if you have any doubts. That said, one pen is OK, but enough to stock your home office isn’t (the same goes for napkins). A good rule of thumb: If something feels sneaky, then it probably isn’t a good idea.Are you a sneaky person?


So why sneaky behaviours are so atractive to people?


If we describe someone as sneaky, we are disapproving  them because they do things secretly rather than openly. It is a sneaky and underhand way of doing business. One kid can generally tell when another kid is sneaky. 


Sneaky is usually connected to sly, dishonest, devious, mean.


Is this sneaky behaviours connected to ecticah questions? Some experts say they are.

So what is being being ethical means conforming to accepted moral standards. Applied to the work environment, it means that an ethical person has a higher standard than just avoiding a certain behavior or practice because it is illegal. What matters it that it might be the wrong thing to do morally.





There is a book called Ética pratica that goes through this topic with a lot of deepeness. Peter Singer, the autor, is one of the biggest specialist with ethics .



Peter Singer, proposes the application of ethics in difficult and controversial social issues, such as: equality and discrimination of race, sex and species; abortion, euthanasia and experience with embryos; moral status of animals; political violence and civil disobedience; obligation to help others; responsibility to the environment, etc. Singer exposes and demonstrates the basic arguments in an insightful rather than doctrinal way. The book is structured to show how contemporary controversies have philosophical roots and presents its own theory of ethics, which can be applied consistently and convincingly in all practical cases.


Peter Singer posing for sneaky book launch

Peter Singer photography


Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics is definitely a must-read for all those looking for a more accurate reflection of the moral dilemmas that surround us in this time of turbulence that we experience on a daily basis.




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