Scooters are increasing among students Scooters are increasing among students

Scooters are increasing among students

A controversial mean of transportation
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Electric scooters are getting more and more popular among students and young people. They do not contaminate as much as cars or motorbikes. And also, since scooters are smaller, it’s common to take them. 

However, they can be dangerous. At least 11 people around Europe  have died in accidents linked to this mean of transportation. Including a 92-year-old woman in Barcelona this past 2018. 

Electric scooters in Barcelona

In the last two years this ecological mobility has increased in front of the bike. 

In terms of public opinion, this kind of transportation is a complex topic. The public speech caused the integration of the object in the political agenda.

The  town hall has shared their disagreement with the “ damage that are causing in the city”. The mayor, Ada Colau, has started applying politics against the free circulation and limiting the velocity of the scooters, among other things. However, the use of the electric scooters in the city still growing.

An electric scooter carried by a student inside a bus in Barcelona

An electric scooter carried by a student in a bus in Barcelona

In favor

Most of the users are young people and students. Samira López, an Abat Oliba University student in Barcelona and a consumer of this way of transportation, says that “scooters are useful but also dangerous if are not use correctly”

The student also says that “Barcelona’s Town Hall should put a measures to control scooters. However, she adds “But also control the bicycles that are more unsafe”.

Critical prespective

On another hand, Paula Velasco, who is an Abat Oliba student too, doesn’t have one. She believes that it are dangerous and that the “politics should apply more restrictive laws against this transportation”. However, “if it are used in a correct way, it are a fantastic ecological tool”, she adds.

An inevitable coexistence

Despite the disagreement, citizens are understanding that are a good way of transport. Its consume is increasing year by year, and, among the students, it is a  more and more demanded option.

By Javier Oliver & Cristina Reverte

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