Sanitation measures in the public transport Sanitation measures in the public transport

Sanitation measures in the public transport

Are public transportation vehicles using the right measures against Covid-19?
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Nowadays, coronavirus is a threat to people. What is more, public places are the most dangerous and it´s really easy to get infected.t Public transportation is a service that can not be replaced. That is the reason why sanitation measures are getting harder everyday.

Sanitation has been key to curbe coronavirus. Thus, why public transport efficiency has increased? People have the need to take the bus, metro, train or any other public service in order to continue with their daily life activities. For example their jobs. As a result, this means that aglomarations can be part of people’s day routine. With different campaigns, «La Generalitat» has given restrictions to the population. For instance, not speaking inside public transport vehicles in order to prevent the virus spread by microdroplets.

As a consequence, there were a lot of protests after the clousure of restaurants and bars. Hundreds of people were manifesting on the streets. This is because of their missunderstanding with the government measures.


On the other hand, there are plenty of videos on the internet about the aglomerations inside the public transport vehicles. However, until today, public transportation never suffered any kind of hard restriction determinated by the govenment. What is more, they have implemented and added new restricted sanitation measures.  The ones before coronavirus existance are still a part of the measures. Spray desinfection with viricides is one of them. Also, the sanitation agents are spending more time cleaning and desinfectating the vehicles. Bus air filters are a direct threat. This is why they are taking special care.

In addition, public transportation vehicles have the right and efficient sanitation measures in order to prevent the virus spread. For instance, there is hand sanitizer gel in the entrance of train stations. Nevertheless, professionals in the sector take in account that it is very difficult to respect the social distance inside public vehicles. Many citizens agree in the same time and schedule to go to their respective jobs and destinations. Also, the fact that masks are mandatory helps to reduce the risk of contagion when there are crowds.


Moreover, as a preventative measure, public transportation drivers can not directly sell bus tickets due to covid-19. Citizens can buy tickets on the website . Also, in the TMB App and bus station offices around the area. The government implemented this preventive measure in all public transports.

Nevertheless, in order to validate the ticket with the TMB App, people need to scan QR code. Users can find it inside the public vehicle.

Antonio Ruiz, the bus driver of the 49th line, is convinced that the sanitation measures protect drivers as much as users. On the other hand, he also thinks that many people do not respect the sanitary measures due to the unawareness or willness.

Even though professionals implemented the right and studied measures, there is still a reduction of the 17% in the total number of users. The telematic work and the university students doing online classes are a justification of the reduction. Until further advise, nobody knows for how long this measures will last.

However, people are considering using public transport. Even though, feeling unwell since they are not actually aware of the risk of travelling.

Nontheless, according to Spanish health experts the risk of contagion on buses and trains is low thanks to the improvement of ventilation systems. Despite this, the fear exists. Therefore, people consider that taking the car is a better option. Even though the transportation is not suitable since. Perhaps, it is more expensive, inconvenient and less sustainable. The word safety is a preference and a must nowadays.«>http://[youtube]

By Ignacio Iranzo Toribio, 15-11-2020





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