Samsung QLED TV range : their newest and most futuristic screens Samsung QLED TV range : their newest and most futuristic screens

Samsung QLED TV range : their newest and most futuristic screens

This TV not only allows you to control all of your smart devices and make video calls, but it also contributes to a more sustainable future with its battery-free Solar Cell Remote.
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Samsung announced the introduction of their latest television range, the Neo QLED 8K and Neo QLED TVs. This TV range provides customers with the most pristine picture and sound quality that transforms their entertainment experience. The most beneficial feature of the newest TV range is that it is intended to be much more than a television. Overall, it can be a games console, a virtual playground or simply a smart hub for controlling your home.

The prices of the Neo QLED 8K TV’s are beginning at 4000 euros and the Neo QLED are 1428 euros upwards. In addition to this as a limited offer, Samsung are providing their customers that buy the Neo QLED 8K TV’s with free soundbars and also a SlimFit Cam. Customers buying the Neo QLED also received a SlimFit Cam with the TVs if they were bought between the 19th to the 30Th of April.

Samsung QLED goes green

Most importantly, Samsung are continuously doing their part in being more sustainable and helping the world have a better future. Therefore, they have introduced eco-conscious packaging and are producing  new products using recycled materials. Samsung have also achieved the Carbon Trust certification indicating that their Neo QLED lineup is being reduced year over year.

In addition to this, another notable feature of their televisions is that they come with the latest SolarCell remote. This remote was introduced to aid Samsung’s environmental sustainability efforts. This remote can work without batteries and can be charged through natural light. The remote also includes special features, including a built-in microphone for use with a voice assistant.

Samsung QLED newest remote

Samsungs’ SolarCell Remote


To sum up , The senior Vice President for Samsung, Mohandeep Singh stated  “At its core, the stunning 2022 Neo QLED TV series offers breath-taking picture and sound quality. And that’s not all, it also gives a customizable and personalized experience to watch content, work, play, control other devices and connect with your loved ones.”

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