Recaredo, learn from time and follow a story Recaredo, learn from time and follow a story

Recaredo, learn from time and follow a story

One of the best cava in Catalonia now wants to make its history known telling things that we don´t know about this sector
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At Recaredo we maintain our commitment to producing terroir wines capable of showing landscapes of our land, the Alt Penedès, in the most honest and transparent way possible.

All started in 1924, when Josep Mata Capellades realized that he felt a certain curiosity for sparkling wine. That is when he discovered this wonderful world.

This is the beginning of an exciting story of entrepreneurship that has as its starting point the craftsmanship of the disgorging of the bottle.

After 20 years, the Recaredo family decided to take its own path towards the production of Brut Nature cava.

In 1962 Mata and his sons, Josep and Antoni Mata, produced for the first time the Reserva Particular de Recaredo, with a personal and inalienable seal.

Group of people tasting Cava of Recaredo

Group of people tasting Cava

The secret of the elaboration lies in:


As a sentinel of a patient and silent waiting, the Recaredo bottles remain in the dark in cellars 30 months.

There are other cases of the most exclusive family wine cellars that have been aged for almost 30 years.


Along with the crianzas is the perfect ally, the cork.

It is made of natural cork, a recyclable and sustainable material that is part of our Mediterranean identity and tradition.

Above all, cork is perfect for preserving the excellence of long aging.


Once time has done its work and the desired point of excellence has been reached, we place the bottles on a kind of desk, each day we make a gentle movement until the lees from the aging process descend to the neck of the bottle.

Now comes the turn of the disgorging artisans, this action is the final process before putting the final cork stopper.

Without exception, all the bottles are disgorged by hand with the skill that only experience confers.


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