How to cook a delicious bowl of ramen How to cook a delicious bowl of ramen

How to cook a delicious bowl of ramen

The ultimate (and cheap) guide for preparing this amazing Japanese soup
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As every ramen lover knows, ramen is not simply a “dish”: it is something divine that came down to Earth to please us humble people. Therefore, there is only one possibility for the neophytes: try it now.

But let’s start from the very beginning.

A little bit of Ramen history

The origin of ramen is really fussy: it has probably come from China as a noodle dish and, later, spread to Japan and integrated with the local food culture. Afterwards, many and many years later, ramen entered our culture and has since become one of the most famous dish around the world. The real magic of this special dish is in the broth, which should be cooked to perfection and with a real passion.

Originally, ramen was a poor plate, made with cheap and simple ingredients. Therefore, beware of those super fancy restaurants which serve overpriced ramen: you can find very nice places which are easily accessible. In the end, it is a very easy plate that everyone will be able to cook it.

So, are you feeling up to the task? Let’s begin!

View of Mount Fuji, Japan.

View of Mount Fuji, Japan.



Prep time: 1 hour.

Cook Time: 15 minutes.

Yield: 3-4 servings.


  • 300g pork loin
  • 320g rice noodles
  • 1,5L water
  • 50g ginger root, sliced
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • 2 eggs
  • 20ml soy sauce
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • olive oil
  • Nori seaweed (as you please)


The original recipe of ramen starts with the cooking of the meat: put the pork on a pan with a small quantity of olive oil and let it brown a little. Then, put the pork in the oven at 170°C for 30-40 minutes. Finally, cut the meat finely and set it aside for a topping.

In the meantime, put the eggs in a pot with cold water and when the water is starting to boil, count 5 minutes and remove the pot from the stove and put them under running water. Therefore, cut them in half and set them aside for a topping.

For the broth: in a pot, put water, ginger root and green onions and boil at high heat. Once cooked, remove the vegetables, cut them finely and set them apart for the toppings. At the same time, let the broth boil and add soy sauce, salt and sesame oil. Then, let it simmer at very low heat.

At the same time, put the noodles in boiling water and when they are ready, assemble your ramen: put the broth, the noodles, the toppings and the Nori seaweed in a bowl and serve it hot.

Suggestion: if you have some vegetables in the fridge that you would like to finish, boiled them and put them in your ramen. Everything is welcome!

Different types of ramen.

Different types of ramen.


Where to buy the ingredients?

Two perfect options to buy the raw materials for your delicious-to-be ramen are Tokyo-ya and Oriental.

Try them out and go crazy!


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