How to visit Portbou in low cost How to visit Portbou in low cost

How to visit Portbou in low cost

Visiting Portbou is a grat oportunity to disconnect and take fresh air
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Portbou is a place in which you can enjoy with a lot of simple things. Visiting the Walter Benjamin monument, the exceptional bar of Antonio “El Campaner”, or taking a relaxing walk through the beach, the last village of Catalonia, will be a great place to spend a sunday morning.

So that, if you want to have a different weekend, I’ll explain you, with easy tips how to visit Portbou in low cost.

How to visit Portbou with less money

The tips that I’m going to show you, are the things that I’ve done two months ago. I’ve visited it during one day, and that’s exactly the time that is needed to visit the whole village!

So, let’s get started!

1. To visit Portbou, take the line R11 and get down to the last stop

If you are in Barcelona, the easiest way to go to there is taking the R11 Line of Rodalies. The ticket costs 25 euros (going and getting back), and you’ll able to buy it at Sants Station.

Here’s the Portbou Time Schedule, so you’ll able to take a fast look to the trains.

2. Walter Benjamin monument is a very interesting place

Portbou is better-known as the second house of Walter Bejamin, an important german sociologist that spent his last days in the village. Up in the town, there is a lookout, in which you’ll see the bay of Portbou.

Also, there is a conmemorative monument to remember his personality. For that reason, I recommend to you to visit it!

3. Have lunch in “El Campaner”, but it’s better to buy drinks at the supermarket

“El Campaner” is the main Bar in Portbou. A former boxing fighter directs that place in which you’ll be able to have a great Spanish-Ham sandwich and a fresh drink, meanwhile you’re watching the waves.

The main Portbou Bar

“El Campaner”. The main Bar in Portbou

But a tip that I want to recommend you: Buying drinks at the supermarket will be cheaper, for example, drinking soda. What’s more: You can bring it to the Bar! It won’t be any problem!

4. Take a long walk at the beach

There’s a gorgeous stone beach in Portbou. You’ll able to swim in a very cold water, and take a relaxing walk through a long way, meanwhile you’re watching the whole bay.

There are a lot of nice views! And I’m going to show you a photograph taken by me:

A photo of Portbou Bay

A panorama from the Portbou bay

5. A huge monument: the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Portbou is placed at the top of the town. Is a very impressive building, in which you’ll able to take photgraphies of the skyline.

But lucky for you if you find it opened, because that monument has a very strange timetable. Otherwise, is a great oportunity to study Gothic architecture and appreciate that kind of buildings. And what’s better: it’s FREE!

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