Pork meat unleashes a health emergency Pork meat unleashes a health emergency

Pork meat unleashes a health emergency

At least 200 people have been hospitalized after consuming pork meat
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Yesterday a routine inspection at the Pontevedra’s Eroski supermarket detected the infection in the pork meat. This problem affects specially  Galiciabecause it is the area that consumes more this kind of meat in the whole country. For now, there is no death because of pork, but from the 200 people hospitalized 10 of them are in a serious condition. The doctors believe that all this issue will end in a few weeks and there is no reason to alarm. 

Pork meat was removed from the market until the Spanish government finds out what the infection is about. Concretely, the Ministry of Health  is doing the research to find out what is the infection about. The Spanish president Pedro Sánchez talked about the matter , and he said that “we all have to keep calm, we will find a solution”. Which means he is trying  to minimize the problem. 


Pork meat sliced

Pork meat sliced

Furthermore,  some political parties try to take advantage of this situation and they say that  the socialist government is the responsible of all of this . In other words, it is clear that elections are near  and some are already campaigning. 

Europe has taken measures in relation to pork meat

In Europe, as Spain did, they have made the decision of removing pork meat from the market until further notice. They made this decision  to prevent the spread of the  infection throughout the continent.

No patient receives treated in the rest of Europe due to the pork meat infection. However, in case of contagion they are prepared . The president of the European commission Jean Claude Juncker declared that “ in Europe we are calm,  the Spanish government will fix this problem soon». 


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