Poormanger: the first gourmet potato restaurant in Barcelona Poormanger: the first gourmet potato restaurant in Barcelona

Poormanger: the first gourmet potato restaurant in Barcelona

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From where did the idea come from?

Poormanger is a success story from Turin. It is one of the most attractive cities in Italy from the culinary point of view. After a trip to England, three guys decided to bring the jacket potato to Italy. They wanted to create the made in Italy jacket potato. At the same time, they wanted to exploit the great variety of Italian raw materials and tastes. From this combination Poormanger was born. From few square metres in short time they moved to a bigger restaurant. Then, in 2018, they opened the second restaurant in Turin. Therefore, the next step of Poormanger will be becoming international.

Poormanger founders

The secret of Poormanger: simplicity and Italian flavour

From a simple tuber they created the eighth wonder of the world. The secrets are Italian flavours and ingredients, mixed with the simplest food: the potato. Indeed, it is the most common and cheap food worldwide. Besides, the name itself evokes the idea of food of the poors. From the most simple ingredient to a gourmet dish. Super affordable prices  (6-7 € per potato) and high quality run at the same time. Moreover, the potatoes restaurant is for everyone: vegans, vegetarians and any person from 0 to 90 years. These are the main strengths of Poormanger.

Poormanger potato

Barcelona, are you ready to welcome Poormanger?

Catalan people, I am happy to inform you that Barcelona will be the next destination of Poormanger. If you are willing to have a quick lunch or a dinner with friends in a cozy place, this restaurant is what it takes. Think about a tasty potato filled with every kind of delicacy you can imagine. Don’t you get hungry?

Simplicity, genuiness, quality, conviviality. These are Poormanger’s main values. Finally, I bet it will become part of your top ten favourite restaurant in Barcelona!

We will publish soon the inauguration day, stay tuned!

Isabella Bourlot

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