Telepizza’s new pizza flavour and why you should try it Telepizza’s new pizza flavour and why you should try it

Telepizza’s new pizza flavour and why you should try it

Reasons why we believe you should try Telepizza’s new codfish pizza
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Have you ever been to Portugal? If your answer is yes, I’m certain that you miss that crazy amazingly weather and the delicious codfish. Did you know it can be cooked in more than a thousand different ways? That’s right! And today, we bring you a new one: as a pizza flavour!

History matters, for the brain, and the stomach, specially when it comes to pizza

Codfish, or as Portuguese call it, Bacalhau, is a very traditional dish throughout the entire country. Actually, for many centuries, it was an exclusive Royal Family dish. Having been fished ever since the Age of the Discovery of the New Lands, it only started to be more traditional among the people during the Estado Novo, a fascist period in the Portuguese history, when Salazar, its leader, decided to cut the Portuguese economic and trade dependence with the world.

The positive effect on portuguese gastronomy

Meanwhile, he invested in the famous a Codfish Campaign, or as locals call it, A Campanha do Bacalhau, with the intent of turning it into the main food source of the country, on the contrary of it’s before importance. In order not to get tired of always eating the same, Portuguese then came up with more than a thousand ways of cooking it, and a lot of them you can only eat in the most traditional restaurants.

Codfish, or as portugueses often call it, Bacalhau often goes along with a glass of wine

Codfish can be cooked in more than a thousand different ways, all of them delicious

Although it could be quite impossible to try all of them, once you’d absolutely need to go back, we bring you our new pizza of Codfish, with cooked egg, onion and of course, our finest and very well-cooked codfish, fished from Norway just like most of the Bacalhau commercialized in Portugal. 


If you’ve never been to Portugal, or you have but simply still didn’t taste this amazing specie, here you have the chance to taste the amazing fish everyone is talking about. In conclusion, we’re offering you the possibility of having a fine and gourmet meal while not missing the feeling of eating fast food? Are you really going to miss it?

Check out the nearest store to your location, and don’t miss this chance!


Mariana Monteiro

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