New Mobility Unleashes a Great Debate New Mobility Unleashes a Great Debate

New Mobility Unleashes a Great Debate

There is a high level of disparity among UAO’s students about new mobility
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The new mobility issue is creating a lot of controversy in the UAO community. Recent improvements to Barcelona’s transportation system such as the metro, electric bikes, and electric buses among other things belong to the category of new mobility. According to interviews taken with the students of UAO there is a variety of opinions on the matter of new mobility in Barcelona.

There are two different perspectives; those that prefer new mobility as a way of transportation and others that prefer traditional methods such as driving a car. Many reasons exist for these two opposing opinions. One of the reasons for those who prefer to drive rather than use new mobility is that «the university is too far away and the commute takes too long. The car is faster and more comfortable.»

For other students who opt for alternative commute methods claim that «it is cheaper to use public transportation than it is to have a car. Furthermore, it is more sustainable for the environment.» Proximity is a motivation for some students. «I live right next to a metro stop, so it makes the most sense for me to use»

A set of electric motorbikes parked in front of UAO's university.

A set of electric motorbikes parked in front of UAO’s university.

The Difference Between UAO Students and the Rest of Young People on New Mobility

Studies according to the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors Company about 64% of young people prefer to use public transportation or other ride-sharing options to using their own vehicles. Many young people may in fact choose to never own a car.  This study shows that the future of mobility is going to change drastically. New sustainable transportation options will be created generations to come. However, this does not represent the student body of UAO’s opinion about the matter.

Sarah Butler and Pol Masnou


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