Motosharing as a new way of moving between students Motosharing as a new way of moving between students

Motosharing as a new way of moving between students

Everyday there are more apps that make motosharing possible for people that wants to move faster around the city and pay low rates
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Motosharing is nowadays the new trend for people who lives in Barcelona. Not only is an alternative from public transport that can be stressful for people but is also a sustainable way to move around the city. Everything started a few years ago when the concept of motosharing was introduced. It means the possibility of renting a vehicle through an app and pay only by the minutes that you use the service.

This kind of transportation is growing everyday and there’s different kind of companies able to offer this service.  Ecooltra is an example and has more than 5000 electric motorcycles in Spain. The cost per trip is approximately 0.25 cents per minute. Yego, Scoot, Muving, or Acciona, are other featured examples. The vehicles are light and functional.

How motosharing works?

The use is simple and works through a mobile application. With it you can locate and book the motorcycle that is near you. Any person over 18 with a valid driver’s license (classes: A, B, C or D) can use the services of these companies. The goal is that you can move quickly and sustainably through the city.

This movement is now very typical between the UAO students. That occurred because the university is in the surrounding area of the city. As matter of fact location causes struggle for the students because there’s a lack of public transport around the neighborhood. Also, there’s not enough parking lots for them. So they prefer to use this apps in order to get uni on time.

«I just got my driving license and I wanted to buy a motorcycle. But I just can’t afford it for now, so while I save money, motosharing is helping me a lot to move and get confidence while driving», explains José Benito, student of publicity and public relations. On the other hand Cristina Casado, student of psychology, says that «I wake up early everyday to go to work. So at the end of the day I feel very tired and just want to get home fast, so I use Ecooltra to go home».


Motosharing is getting popular between students

UAO parking lots full of Ecooltra

This new way of moving is offering students an affordable solution while they face the public transport problem around the area, specially at rush hours. However this is not only an option for students. It is also for every person that faces the same problem in Barcelona.


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