Meatless meat: a revolutionary food. Meatless meat: a revolutionary food.

Meatless meat: a revolutionary food.

Meatless products such as hamburgers and sausages will be a disruptive innovation in the food sector worldwide.
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An innovative product in the food sector could change the world: meatless meat. What is it? This meat looks, cooks, tastes, sizzles and bleeds like real meat. All the ingredients have a vegetal origin.

Beyond meat and Impossible Foods are the two major companies that produce plant-based meat. Their main product is a meatless burger. The first one creates its vegetal products starting from the protein of peas. The second one uses “heme”, which is a protein created artificially. They mix the proteins with other ingredients such as beetroot for the inner colour and potato starch for the texture. Due to this, they realize a perfect plant-based burger which has the same amount of nutritional facts as animal meat and taste e look exactly like them.

Usually, carnivores are not attracted by plant-based meat because they look and taste so different. But when they tried meatless burgers they could not notice the difference Customers find this kind of vegetal burgers in the groceries and in some fast-food chains in the US. The main objective of the meatless companies is to expand all over the world.


Cows thanks you for consuming meatless meat

Cows thank you for consuming meatless meat.


Meatless meat is sustainable and healthy.

Plant-based burgers are a solution to health and environmental issues. First of all, it helps to reduce diseases related to eating meat such as cancer or cardiac problems. Furthermore, all the water and energy used for the for the animal livestock is saved.

It possible to save 97% of resources by producing just meatless meat. Nevertheless, plant-based hamburgers can be the solution of the ever-growing population and an improvement of the wellbeing of animals.

In conclusion, vegetal meat is a revolutionary concept that can contribute to preserving the planet and its resources for future generations. Most importantly, the carnivores remain happy because there is no difference between the real meat.

Wolf Alexander Schütz

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