The UAO hosts the ‘Meaningful Brands’ The UAO hosts the ‘Meaningful Brands’

The UAO hosts the ‘Meaningful Brands’

The advertising agency Havas Media group presented the sociological study that expose the relevance of brands in society
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The advertising agency Havas Media group presented yesterday at Abat Oliba CEU (UAO) the study meaningful brands. This survey conducted at 350000 aims to know how companies impact society. The presentation took place in Aula Magna at six o’clock with Journalism and Advertising and Public Relation as a spectators. 

Firstly, the sociologist Dionisa Mata talked about the increasing demand of society in relation with brands. According to her, “people ask that brands worry and participate actively in social and environmental problems”. In addition, this study shows that the brands’ work it is more and more important for the well-functioning of a country. 

The survey is based on a question: Is the relevance of brands based on improving people’s lives? These must fulfil their function and provide personal and collective benefits to consumers. Although the product itself is important, 90% of respondents expect to live new experiences through brands.

Corresponding to Mata, Consumer evolution in Spain has two origins; The economic crisis and the technological revolution. The first one provoked the impoverishment of the medium class making people more critic and sensitive with the enterprises. 

As well, due to the technological revolution citizen’s mind changed. Concretely, people started to prioritize speed, the price and sustainability in that order. Therefore, the transformation of society makes more difficult for the advertising companies to raise awareness.  

All in all, the lecturer finished the speech naming three basic recommendations: 

  • Listen and communicate with the consumers
  • Ethics and transparency 
  • Make the life easier and entertained

Round table

the experts of brands

Round table during the presentation of Meaningful Brands study

The event featured a round table composed of experts in the communication and publicity field  with Professor Juan Francisco Jiménez as moderator. Its members were Victor Gutiérrez, Javier Corominas, Montserrat Blanco and Dionisa Mata, who did the speech before. 

They exposed different ideas and knowledge based on the audience’s questions . One of the most interesting questions of the act was aimed at the relationship between brands and journalism. In this case, Victor acknowledged that the communication between the two is changing «and there is a new model to build».


Ricard Jiménez and Pol Masnou

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