McLaren Artura: A New Era McLaren Artura: A New Era

McLaren Artura: A New Era

The Artura is McLarens newest supercar set to release in July 2022.
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McLaren Automotive was launched in 2010. It’s vehicles, which are hand-assembled, are produced in Woking, Surrey, England. Their product portfolio consists of GT, supercar, Motorsport and Ultimate models. They have over 85 retailers across the globe and are found in 40 markets. McLaren was the first automotive company to produce a hybrid car and they have recently released their new hybrid model; the McLaren Artura.

What to expect form the McLaren Artura

The McLaren Artura was created with carbon fibre lightweight architecture at the core. In July 2022, this new design is expected to arrive in the market. McLaren have followed the electric wave with its new high-performance hybrid powertrain. The Artura highlights their pursuit of lightness and advancement in aerodynamic efficiency.

The McLaren Artura design

The McLaren Artura design in lime green

McLaren declare that their new car will bring a uniquely intense driving experience. The Artura will bring lightness and a minimal design to the street. The curation of the design was formed by cutting edge carbon fibre expertise and advance techniques such as superforming. In addition, it manages airflow and heat which helps achieve an ultra-low centre of gravity.

“Low and lean. Minimal and powerful.”

McLaren continue to partner with Pirelli for their ground breaking cyber tyre. Pirelli tyres will  provide live data on temperature and pressure to the car and driver. Moreover, the Cyber Tyre application on McLaren Artura is a world first that has never been experienced by anyone before. This car will continue to give feedback with the electro-hydraulic steering.

Features of the car include a throttle response time which is twice as fast as McLarens petrol cars due to the V6 engine. It is sculptured specifically to harness airflow to the maximum. There are new hidden door inlet ducts and rear buttresses channel air over, under and through the body. The rear spoiler and diffuser generate 50kg of downforce for ultimate stability. Finally, it can reach speeds of 330km/h and has a horsepower of 680.

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