Going Green and Sweet: Mars Food Ditches Plastic for Paper Wrappers

The renowned chocolate brand Mars (trade name of Mars Food) is taking steps in line with the market and has developed a new 100% recyclable packaging. This new wrapper, which is made entirely of recycled paper, tries to do the same strategy as other competitors, like Quality Street.

This initiative aims to meet sustainable development goals and reduce the environmental footprint and impact caused by the packaging of their products yearly.

Packaging is so important to got a brand awareness from our customers, because they can recognized our product in a few seconds.

We can see the original and well-know Mars packaging. Currently, there isn’t recyclable

Mars Food releases their new paper based packaging

Initially, the pilot test was conducted in 500 Tesco supermarkets to assess the acceptance and whether consumers appreciated. Nowadays is important being sustainable and eco-friendly, so the company starts to take action in this way.

Currently, the plastic used in Mars bars packaging is non-recyclable, so this initiative aims to reduce the number of chocolates that have a negative impact on the environment by 200 million chocolate bars.

In fact, this initiative will be implemented in the United Kingdom at first and could release, in a second phase, in Ireland and Canada. These places are where  Mars Food  has bigger market share.

Mars Food manager talking about the new 100% recyclable packaging

Mars Bars and Tesco, an important alliance for caring environment

Likewise, Andrew Flood, Director of Packaging Development at Tesco, has stated that the company is “delighted to collaborate with Mars” on this initiative. It is also aligned with Tesco’s strategy to reduce packaging and eliminate plastic from its own products. Sources from Mars Foods have stated in British media that the challenge for the company has been to find a paper that has the appropriate properties for protecting and insulating the chocolate.

Finally, the brand wants ensuring the safety, quality, and integrity of the product. With this initiative, the brand continues on its path according to its action plan for more sustainable development.

We can see how looks the new paper wrapped from Mars chocolate Bars, a pilot test developed in UK.

We can see how  looks the new mars packaging, developed to reduce the carbon impact and try to recycle and become more sustainable.

In conclusion, Mars is developing a nice and well implemented eco-friendly strategy, similar a other brands like Estrella Damm (you can see an article about that here)

Inas Shaki

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