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Lush Cosmetics being the most ethical growing brand
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 “We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.”

Lush Cosmetics is a large company who specialise in organic, ethical and safely tested bath products. The company is widely known for their bath bomb selection, where there are many different colours, shapes and fragrances. As well as bath bombs, they also do a range of soaps, salts, shower gels and even makeup and lip products. The company strives in ensures all of their products are handmade with care, using only fresh ingredients and avoid using any preservatives or packaging. The company is also loved for the fact that they will only cut their ingredients from organisations that don’t test any products on animals. This has been a very strong selling point for Lush as they try and show awareness of the problems of animal cruelty and do their best to prevent it. 

Lush have a number of best sellers within the shop. The number one most popular product is their ‘Intergalactic Bath Bomb’, which is a worldwide favourite. 

Pictutre of lush bath bombs

Lush Bath Bombs in store

Lush Cosmetics strives for being an ethical company. The organisation has many values within the organisation which focus on being enviromentally and economically friendy. When sourcing the ingrediants, the company likes to know where they come from, how theyve been made and how they impact the communities that produce them. In order to ensure these values are upheld, they have a dedicated Ethical Buying team who work hard in researching and meeting supliers and producers to ensure that them and the materials meet the companies standards.

Here we can see an article written by Lush Cosmetics talking about the company and its ethical values;

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