Lildami: «a normal person who does rap» Lildami: «a normal person who does rap»

Lildami: «a normal person who does rap»

At 24 he has become a reference of the Catalan scene of urban rhythms
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Damià Rodríguez (Terrassa,1994), artistically known as Lildami, has become one of the referents of catalan rap.  After graduating as an industrial design engineer and working in a large multinational, he decided to turn his passion into his work and now presents his debut album «Flors mentre visqui«. With more than 2.5 million reproductions on YouTube and after four years uploading auto-edited music to the platform, he will be playing this summer at the Festival Strenes in Girona and the Cruïlla Festival in Barcelona.

Lildami in Barcelona

Rap singer Lildami in Barcelona.

What is trap?

The truth is that nowadays using a musical tag it’s a bit old-fashioned. For me trap and rap are the same. I don’t want to put myself a label, I don’t think I do trap nor rap, to be honest now I’m close to the pop direction.

Who is LilDami? How would you present yourself to someone who doesn’t know anything about trap industry

I would say I’m a normal person that does rap because it is what he likes o because he did not have musical skills to do other music genres. I’m definitely going with a normal person who does rap, I like it.

Who is ‘imparabla boy’? Where does this name come from?

Imparabla is my leitmotiv, it’s my theme. Now I would define it as my atitude of do what others say you can’t do. So, ‘imparabla boy’ comes from here.

You are 24. Death is one of the main topics of your álbum. Why?

It’s something that I talk about a lot with Sr.Chen, my producer. And we have realized that nothing you can do matters, because in the end you will die. Mozart did it so great and it’s been 200 years. But in 1000 years maybe nobody knows who he is, or Michael Jackson.

Being so young you’ve achieved more things than most people at your age. Are you afraid of getting musically stucked?

It will happen. Yes. Everything is finite, so even Alejandro Sanz will experience that moment. It has already happened to me. But the little things, like a kid greeting me “Hey Dami» on the street, that’s what motivates me to continue doing this.

Your lyrics seem spontaneous. Is there any preparation work or is really improvisation present on your creative process?

Collaborating with Chen has been, artistically, the best thing I could ever do. When it comes to rap people think that lyrics should have a deep meaning. In the album there are songs written and recorded in 3 hours. But why do you need more?

If you create a song in 3 hours and then you read it days later, do you change something or try to improve it?

It just happened with some songs, but the changes are minimal. If things work out from the beginning, don’t overthink and go for it.

«Music is about the feeling»

A feature of your music is that you mix Catalan, Spanish and English, with what purpose?

There is no purpose. I’m from Terrassa, my father is from Cordoba (Andalusia) and my mother is from Barcelona. I speak mixing them and trying to rap like Ramon Llull in my songs would be fake.

Singing in Catalan limits your possibilities to reach a wider audience?

Yes and no. With catalan you couln’t reach more than 8 milion poeple. But you have to consider 2 things. First, music is about the feeling. And second the huge music industry that we have in Catalonia with local parties and festivals. It’s balanced: I can’t reach to a wider audience but it’s easy to reach the local people.

The Trap is a genre away from mainstream music such as pop or groups like Txarango. Does that limit your opportunities?

Of course not. Nowadays rap or hip hop are the most streamed styles in the US and is compiting in the Rock league. In Spain we are on our way. We will get there 10 years later as always, but we will get.

Trap is a musical genre associated with bad life (alcohol, drugs, even violence), do you feel comfortable with this association?

No, I think if someone criticizes me for what he sees from outside it is his problem. Listen to the disc and you will see that I’m quite far from this and I don’t share any of these ideas. If someone relates me with bad life, it’s because they are looking at the cover of the book and don’t have a critical spirit to look in more depth.



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