Behind a yogurt Behind a yogurt

Behind a yogurt

The world of “La Fageda”
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Behind a yogurt can be a merely industry. And that would be all. But behind “La Fageda” yogurts there is a whole different world.

"Grec" yogurt from La Fageda

«Grec» La Fageda yogurt


The strong belief that handicap people can offer something valuable to the community founded La Fageda. Located in Olot (Girona) it has been 27 years in the top positions of the Catalan market. And that’s all thanks to the hard work of more than 300 fellows that have make it possible.

It started with the production of milk, but for various reasons, the yogurt became popular among hospitals. Nowadays La Fageda offers a wide range of yogurt flavors: strawberry, lemon, pear, apricot, banana and Greek. And more products too: Catalan cream, ice creams and even jams.


The secret of La Fageda

But why such a success in something as small as yogurt? Thet don’t communicate on the packaging who is behind it. That means that many people buy it for its excellent taste, not out of pity or solidarity. This fact shows the importance of giving job opportunities to these people. They can function like anyone else. They deserve it. «I’m doing it because someone believed that I could do it» says a worker from La Fageda. They are the real protagonists of this project.

In this entity the so positive evolution that its workers have, means a higher degree of personal satisfaction and maturity. Both contributed by job responsibilities. But success has been, is and will be thanks to the passion and enthusiasm. Transmitted by all the amazing team from the beginning.

La Fageda means talking about a brand that has managed to show that people with difficulties can develop the skills they have. When they are integrated in an environment surrounded by nature far from a hospital, and supported with a huge affection and determination. This is how they manage, as the founder says, “to do the best yogurt in our world”.


Andrea de Sentmenat

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