Keys to make a brand more relevant Keys to make a brand more relevant

Keys to make a brand more relevant

Presentation of the international study in relation to the brand
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The presentation of the results to the Spanish market of MEANINGFUL BRANDS 2019 has been a success. This international study reveals the keys to make the brand more relevant to consumers. Since 2008, this study, unique in the sector, has evolved to become a benchmark worldwide.

Dionisia Mata Prado, Insights Director of Havas Media Group, claims that it is relevant that there is a call to action. Also thinks that personal and collective benefits are increasingly important. «People expect brand content,» says Mata Prado.

Its 2019 edition has analysed 1800 brands in 31 countries, with more than 350,000 opinions from consumers worldwide. This presentation also reveals the brands that matter most to consumers. Specifically with a special focus on the analysis of those attributes and values that nowadays make them «meaningful brands».


Roundtable debate

Roundtable debate


The sector conditions,  but does not determine.

During the presentation, they tried to answer questions such as: Why is it important to be relevant? How is relevance measured? What makes a brand relevant? How to inspire relevant connections? On the other hand, the Director of Havas Media Group, has explained the project in general, and how brands impact society. «Consumers expect brands to actively participate, and on the other hand, consumers want brands and companies that have purposes and also act,» Mata Prado thinks.


Roundtable debate

A round table has also been made. The following have participated:. Javier Corominas, Director of Communication and Advertising at NUPA Marketing Services. Víctor Gutiérrez de Tena, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Havas Media Group and Alumni UAO CEU. Dionisia Mata Prado, Director of Havas Media Group. Montserrat Blanco Fernández, Director of Advertising and Corporate Image of the «la Caixa» Banking Foundation. And finally the moderator, Juan Francisco Jiménez, Academic Director of the University Master’s Degree in Digital Communication and Technological Innovation UAO CEU.

Corominas thinks that «the relevance of the brand differentiates you from the competition». Gutierrez believes that the starting point is very important: «we have to do a self-analysis to do the purposes.» If you want to be relevant, you have to commit to society. Finally, Blanco Fernández says that his company tries to work in an organized way, while moderator Jiménez says that brands have become media.



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