«A local journalist has to be more at the bottom of the canyon» «A local journalist has to be more at the bottom of the canyon»

«A local journalist has to be more at the bottom of the canyon»

Alberto Mata is a sports local journalist that had to work hard to be where he is.
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Alberto Mata (Tenerife, 1985) is a sports journalist who entered this profession by chance. After 17 years as a local journalist, he has the same enthusiasm as the first day. Not only does it narrate football matches, but it also appears on a television program and a sports program for Facebook. With 34 years old he continues to learn.

Question: How did you start working in journalism?

Answer: 17 years ago. I remember that my uncle had his own radio, Radio Cantera, and I went to a match of cadets, specifically to a promotion to preferential cadet. My first idea was to go and see how he did radio. He left me his phone, a notebook and a pen. He asked me to go to the changing rooms to take the alignments of both teams and the technical sheet. The phone started to ring but my uncle did not enter the field. In the end I picked up the phone, the game about to begin, and told me that he had gone to the radio studios and left me alone to narrate the game. That was my first experience and, yes it is true that I did not study the degree, but by vocation I entered and now as self-employed I work as a journalist.

Q: ¿Do you feel yourself as a journalist?

A: Yes, now I feel like a journalist because for me it is more everyday. You have to go out and look for life. I used to do it as a hobby. I went to matches, I did some program but more sporadically.

Q: You work doing a television program, you take a sports program of the City of Arona in addition to commenting on women’s football matches and some of CD Tenerife. Does all that effort compensate you??

A: Yes of course. Everything is an experience. The first one I had was on radio and today, fortunately, I’m still in it. I like the television a lot. Compensates because it is what one wants, what one does and that they count on you for projects compensates.

Berto Mata, local journalist, preparing his program of radio

Local journalist, Berto Mata, working in the radio studio of Rumberos FM.

Q: As we said before you do many things, audiovisual, radio. We would say that you are a kind of off-road journalist. Do you think it’s the same for a national journalist?

A: From my point of view, a national journalist has only one task. A local journalist has to be, much more, at the bottom of the canyon to give much more information, local island, municipality, neighborhood, etc. It has much more arduous work than a national journalist, who has other type of job but, honestly, I think it is less.

Q: Do you think that local journalism should have the same importance as national or international journalism?

A: I think already has it. From my point of view, local journalism is more important than national journalism. A national radio is much easier to listen and know where to find it but without a local radio, newspaper or television there would not be national ones either. The regional or local tells you about your town, your neighborhood or your island and I think it is very important to know what is happening on your island or in your municipality.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: I do not know. If they had asked me 10 years ago, I would surely have said that I would be in the position I am in today. I hope that in 10 years, at least, I am in the same place. I do not know if I will be in the same media but keep the same position I have today. It’s something that I love and hope to have for life.



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